28th April Highlights

The silk road, a Korean reunification and the new Great Game in Central Asia.

The nuclear family (Source: The Telegraph)

Academic Exposure: Security Dimensions of the Belt and Road

I am often drawn to the books and articles by professor Kerry Brown for the clear-headed analysis of complex features concerning China. Such issues include the persona of Xi Jinping, his ideology, or China’s current foreign policy, among many other. In this article, professor Brown tackles the security dimensions of the Belt and Road.

Based on its economic standing, China has deep security interests on both the national and international fronts. According to professor Brown, the BRI allows China to carve out more strategic space to pursue its perceived national interests. As such, it can create a zone of economic commonality that is different from the current US-centric order. What’s more, the BRI remains deliberately non-prescriptive and institution-light.

However, while the focus is on economic connectiveness, security issues are prevalent throughout the reasoning. Professor Brown goes on to describe the many security needs China has across the BRI. Many of these pass through  rough terrain, both actual and political.

The other articles in the series can be found here!

Expert View: Blue China, The Maritime Silk Road to Europe

In this policy brief, Dr Mathieu Duchâtel and the naval historian Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix make an interesting study of the effects of China’s maritime policy on Europe and the world. The overview of China’s naval port visits is especially interesting.

Biggest News: Kim and Moon Declare and end to Korean War

From Little Rocket Man to an honorable man. What a difference a few months can make. However the consequences of Friday’s high-level visit of Kim Jong-un to South Korea may turn out, it is certain to go down into history.

Kim and Moon Jae-in agreed to completely denuclearise the Korean Peninsula and end the decades-long Korean War. Up next is Kim’s visit with the American president Donald Trump. To slip in a Game of Thrones reference: did the long Korean Winter finally end?

To Read over Breakfast: India, China and influence in Central Asia

A succinct article on the new Great Game between India and China for influence in Iran and Central Asia and the ordering of the world. Certainly an interesting development to read!

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