17th December Highlights

Selfies, Social Credit, signing up African leadership to the China model, and David Cameron’s new job.

David Cameron in China
On December 17, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

3rd December Highlights

Brzezinski, brothel turned retirement home, Beijing migrants, and Xi’s big bet.

Beijing Worker on the Move
On December 3, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

November 26th Highlights

China and the World, Intelligent garlic, Ghanaian cartoonists, and photos of fake girlfriends.

Fishermen Sort Fish in Shandong
On November 26, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

November 19th Highlights

 Xi is great, watchwords are important, squatting is healthy, the Belt and Road is little traversed, and bird flu is terrifying.

Bird Flu Market
On November 19, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

November 12th Highlights

Telling Xi how it is, digital payments and big data, Beijing’s first contact with aliens, and a new model of global governance.

China First Contact with Aliens
On November 12, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

November 5th Highlights

Donald Trump hopefully not vomiting on Japanese prime minister, the fate of music festivals in China, AI in China, Digital Leninism, and a solid research tool.

MIDI Music Festival in China
On November 5, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

October 29th Highlights

China’s ideology man, Sichuan’s numbing peppers, and the nation’s gender inequality and terrible problem with sexual assault.

Sichuan Pepper Grower
On October 29, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

October 22nd Highlights

Why we don’t know what we do we know about China, mapping the Belt and Road, and figuring out what China spends on aid. Also, a little bit of Xi Dada and why thinking about him matters.

G20 Leaders Arrive For Hamburg Summit
On October 22, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

October 15th Highlights 

Party Congress, cockfighting, Party Congress again, Game of Thrones, and watching for forest fires. Then more Xi and the Party Congress.

Cockfighting is banned in Xinjiang ahead of the Party Congress
On October 15, 2017 By Jacob Mardell

October 8th Highlights

Chinese demographics lead to sex doll surge, the tourists are coming, followed by the dragon, Theresa May’s British Dream, and looking beyond THAAD.

Chinese sex dolls pile up
On October 8, 2017        By Jacob Mardell

October 1st Highlights

May and Xi share a phone call, we get ready for the 19th Party Congress, China sells more guns, rice farmers are sexier than wheat farmers, Trump’s record with China, Bannon takes on China, and happy National Day!

Xi Jinping and Theresa May
On October 1, 2017     By Jacob Mardell