Personally Financing Government Growth

No economy is ever on permanent cruise control. Regular government intervention is necessary and its required actions will change over time. Right now, the key to success for most of the large Asian economies is on increasing domestic consumption.

Shanghai shopping
China, On 28 March, 2018 By Greg Stoller

Belts, Roads, and Missiles: The United States, China, and North Korea

Brexit nativism, resurgent nationalism in Europe, and Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ were very visible in the headlines this year. China was able to take a relative dash forward during the 2008 financial crisis, so what are the implications of this year’s political turmoil?

Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Melania and Peng Liyuan
China, On 10 January, 2018 By Axel Dessein

Doing business internationally? One Country, Multiple Systems.

It might take a long time to establish a bona fide relationship in China; but once you’re in, trust is no longer an issue.

Business in China
China, On 2 December, 2017 By Greg Stoller

Of Course Xi Jinping Will Not Serve a Third Term

Of Course Xi Jinping Will Not Serve a Third Term. Xi will remain incredibly powerful; he has no reason to risk his influence in pursuit of formalising it.

Is Xi Jinping Seeking a Third Term?
China, On 29, November 2017 By Jake Silverman

Tipping Point: The Status Quo Is Untenable

Before the situation becomes truly critical, the world must find a way to temper the CCP censorship regime. The anaconda extends its reach.

Anaconda in the Chandelier Chinese Censorship
China, On 28, November 2017    By Jordan Cannon

New Era Recap: Authoritarian Leadership Takes Centre Stage

As Xi Jinping has taken the reins of almost all areas of governance, the Chinese president has amassed a large amount of power.

China's 19th Party Congress
China, On 22, November 2017    By Alex Dessein

Innocence Abroad

“China is a peaceful country,” declares Jane, a Hmong-minority nursing student from Guizhou…These are common sentiments voiced by young adults raised on a steady diet of communist party propaganda.

China Dream Little Girl
China, On 19, November 2017    By Jordan Cannon

China’s Belt and Road Instruments in the South China Sea

The South China Sea (SCS) is a central feature of the Belt and Road Initiative’s (BRI) and influence in the SCS is a principle concern for Beijing.

Map of South China Sea
Belt and Road, On 24, October 2017    By Matt Kennedy