Hospitality and Pig Guts: Slaughter in Hangzhou

The man at the cadaver dug his hands into the pig’s chest as it hung from the hook, slopping out a surge of rich, dark coloured blood into a bucket below.

Pig guts
On 24, December 2017 By Jacob Mardell

J, 20, Jinan 济南

Curious about the ways in which love, sex and relationships manifest themselves in contemporary Chinese society, I met with my friend J in the library café on a cold October evening to discuss boys, relationships and sex.

Tiny Times
On 15, December 2017 By Olivia Halsall

Xinjiang: Getting Places, Going Nowhere

I appreciate the twists and turns of fortune’s road as much as any man, but I resent my impotence. This city is inescapable.

Editorial, On 12, December 2017 By Jacob Mardell